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The inside story into the origin of the famous Guernsey Sweater and its place in Song of the Sea

The Guernsey Sweater plays an important cameo role in Song of the Sea.I quote:“Elise lacked the skill and patience for knitting and the garment had taken her months to complete. The dark blue jumper was windproof and warm; a uniform of pride to the fishermen of Guernsey. She hoped Thomas would not be too fussy about the quality of work and at least slightly impressed by the love she’d poured into the making of it.”

A photo of a Guernsey Sweater

As a writer of fiction, I know how important it is to transport readers to different worlds through the magic of storytelling. My particular passion is for historical fiction, drawing on my love of research and my fascination with the past to create immersive worlds that readers can lose themselves in. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the nuances of different periods, I am committed to bringing the past to life in a way that is authentic, engaging, and thought-provoking.

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“Despite not being a fan of historical fiction, Song of the Sea rapidly won me over.
Song of the Sea is full of adventure. Set in the late 18th Century, the action switches from the small island of Guernsey to the New World, via a harrowing sea crossing. Once arrived at her destination Elise’s challenges begin in earnest. 
The novel is thoroughly researched and the historical and geographical references, both to Guernsey and to emergent Canada, are utterly convincing. 
All in all, a most enjoyable read and one I’d recommend.”

Song of the Sea is available from many retailers including:

Song of  the Sea by  Mya Roberts
Available from any good bookshop, or through Amazon

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Photo courtesy of  Susan Marchand-Terrio
Executive Director 
Isle Madame Historical Society

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