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Once upon a time
I crossed the Atlantic Ocean and discovered
an amazing story

Don't miss out on my special offer. 

Books aren't "born" ready to read. They evolve and develop. Song of the Sea had a variety of beginnings during its journey to maturity. If you sign up for my Newsletter you will receive not only fun information on my book, but also, and with my complements,  three beginnings, one of which is the published version.  For various reasons, the other two ended up on the "cutting-room" floor. Did I choose the right version? I'd love your opinion, so stop by my Join My Mailing List option and  tick 'send'.

Something of me
My early education wasn’t as inspiring as it might have been. In fact, I left school when I was still a child (though, like most sixteen year olds, I didn’t know that at the time).

My personal highlights were: working in a library (I really loved being surrounded by all those books), working in the city of London (which felt like a very fashionable thing to do), working with a children’s theatre group (I’ve always loved the theatre), having two amazing children, gaining my Licentiate Diploma with the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (well I never, not so thick after all), teaching drama in schools (such a rewarding time), gaining a university place and (eventually) a degree (brain still there, and still functioning), working as a social worker and counsellor, moving to Guernsey in the Channel Islands, marrying a wonderful man and a wonderful Island.

All this, AND I get my debut novel published!

So, what's it all about?

Song of the Sea covers the period from 1775 to 1825. Elise Galliard travels across the world in the name of love and adventure. Her quest provides joy and terror, pain and love, and so much more.

The story opens on the Channel Islands of Guernsey and Jersey and continues on board the brig St Brelade where we follow her eventful journey to Jerseyman Island in the Maritime Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, and beyond. 


“With its vivid descriptions and rollercoaster of emotions and hardships, from fear, cold, mosquitoes, fish, beauty, passion, loss and fulfillment, it is Elise’s spirit and determination to live the best life she can that makes this novel such a page-turner.

Elise’s story of love and tragedy stays with the reader long after its last page, as do the descriptions of Nova Scotia.” Susan Marchand-Terrio, Executive Director, Isle Madame Historical Society.

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